Samuel Blaser Quartet´s ´Spring Rain´ Recalls a Ghost

An intrepid, Swiss-born trombonist living in Berlin, whose new album, “Spring Rain”, is a thoughtful and energetic tribute... Mr. Blaser has a precise, expressive style on trombone and he’s an ace with multiphonic techniques, which enable him to growl chords on the instrument...
— Nate Chinen / New York Times (Read the full review)

Samuel Blaser Quartet - Spring Rain

Solid quartet session from trombonist Blaser, drummer Gerald Cleaver, pianist Russ Lossing and bassist Drew Gress. Whether it´s modern post-bop, avant-garde free improv or chamber music, Blaser always brings an unconventional voice to the affair. This is the kind of thing that leads to revealing, inspired moments… like on his newest recording.
— Bird is the Worm

Samuel Blaser Consort in Motion - A Mirror to Machaut (IT)

In un lavoro fondamentalmente di gruppo, tutti i singoli non mancano di farsi apprezzare. In particolare, accanto al leader, brillano il pianoforte di Lossing (unico reduce del precedente quartetto) e i clarinetti di Badenhorst, ma anche Drew Gress ha modo di mettersi in luce sia al pizzicato (“Linea”) che all’archetto (“Bohemia”).
— Neri Pollastri / All About Jazz Italia

Samuel Blaser Consort in Motion - A Mirror To Machaut

Over the last few years Swiss trombonist Samuel Blaser has established himself as a significant presence in the international jazz scene... His bold arrangements juxtapose avant-garde concepts with ancient traditions, revealing a sophisticated approach that is both visionary and timeless...
— Troy Collins / All About Jazz

Samuel Blaser Quartet - As The Sea **** (FR)

...Excellent musicien de pupitre, rompu à l’école des grands orchestres, Blaser s’est libéré de cette manière un peu stricte au contact des musiciens new-yorkais inscrits dans le champ d’un jazz plus ouvert, et il déploie son talent depuis à la tête de diverses formations, dont une comprenait même Paul Motian...
— Philippe Méziat / Jazz Magazine

Samuel Blaser - Consort in Motion

It’s been quite a long time since I have had this kind of pleasant feeling of listening. I could even say, I was impressed by the expression and sound of a young trombone player, Samuel Blaser. In addition to his advanced musicianship, his performance embodies a profound thought.
It is a rare occasion to have this kind of impression with a trombonist. I could recall that the last similar experience was in August 1970, when I listened to Albert Mangelsdorff’s concert in Japan, from a close distance
— Masahiko Yuh / Jazz Tokyo (Read the full review)

Samuel Blaser Consort in Motion - Recommended CD's

Not only in the Kind Of Blue Catalog but this is one of the most exciting albums in the jazz world. Young generations leading trombone player Samuel Blaser from Switzerland who goes back and forth between Berlin & New York is joined by bassist Thomas Morgan and another new generation star; Russ Lossing. The quartet is completed by Paul Motian; whom we recently lost. A character who supported young generation musicians while always being open to innovation. Consort in Motion blends Renaissance & Baroque music with jazz aesthetic and invites us to an unknown world.
— Turkish Jazz Magazine